The Ore Generator

Swap between generators on the fly!

CycleCraft SkyBlock has a default ore generator with acces to all basic resources you need to start your SkyBlock adventure. There are currently 7 different generators you can purchase in the island token shop (/token shop). The mineral generator serves as an expansion upon the default ore generator.

  • The mineral generator (generates ores and minerals)
  • The flower generator (generates all sorts of flowers)
  • The forest generator (generates all sorts of wood and saplings)
  • The plains generator (generates anything you can find in a plains biome)
  • The jungle generator (generates anything you can find in a jungle biome)
  • The arctic generator (generates anything you can find in a snow biome)
  • The desert generator (generates anything you can find in a desert biome)
  • The building generator (generates all sorts of building blocks)

Example Generator Build

There is a piston placed strategically behind the location of the generated block.
Add some redstone to it and it will automatically push out blocks in a line (:
This is a must so no blocks despawn in the lava!

Change your island settings (/island settings)

  • There is a tab for visitors, members and island admins.

  • And a tab to change all the islands main settings!

Noob Guide

First things first. Punch down your tree, punch the leaves and make sure you get all the saplings and/or apples that drop, then make a crafting table in your small 2 by 2 inventory crafting grid. From there, replant the tree, get in your chest for the bone, make bone meal in your crafting bench. Now right click the grass with one bone meal and punch the thick grass for wheat seeds. Use another bone meal if you didn’t get seeds from the first try. Use the wood on the crafting table to make some planks, place 2 planks on top one another to get sticks then make a wooden hoe with one stick in middle and bottom middle grid then 1 plank in top left corner and top left middle. Grab your ice and make an infinite water source by digging a 2 by 2 hole area and placing the ice blocks in opposite corners. Once placed, punch the ice in the corners and you should have your infinite water source.

Next to your infinite water source use the hoe on the dirt to make tilled land and then plant the wheat seed. Get into your chest and grab your pumpkin seed and the melon slice. Don’t eat the melon slice. Instead, place it in your inventory 2 by 2 grid to get watermelon seeds. Till 2 more squares with your how and plant your melon and pumpkins. Between melon slices and wheat for bread (3 wheat in the bottom row of a crafting table grid) will be your prime source of food until you either have passive animal spawns or get passive animal spawners from vote crates, or passive mob eggs.

Next, back to your crafting table to make a pick. Two more sticks, one each in the bottom middle and middle middle spaces and a plank in the top 3 spaces will get you a wooden pick. Now it’s time to get your ore generator going and watch for things to grow. Keep harvesting your tree for much needed wood to make tools and your generator to help with island expansion. From here, see how other players build by visiting their island, join a team etc.. You’ll get all your nether and end world materials by creating portals the vanilla way!

And that’s mostly it to keep you alive until you start further expanding your island and gathering materials to do so. Builds to help you with some automation and farming are below further in the guide.

This is not all… I have a couple more essential tips to help your skyblock adventure!
Build a slab layer below your top layer in case you need to move and mine things back up. It will help save you from losing important items into the void later.

If you’re falling off the side because of shift failure or a lag spike, then a quick /is go can save your items and keep them on your island instead of in the void. You will still die from the fall damage when you hit your island spawn point, but at least you’ll keep your items.

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