Server Guide

Currently CycleCraft's main focus is the SkyBlock realm. A lot of plugins, configurations and functionalities are added to the core of Fabled SkyBlock

If you are completely new to SkyBlock, do not worry.
We have an extensive SkyBlock Guide for new players!

Server Settings

  • Items are lost on death (30 second despawn timer).
  • Entity spawners are available in the token shop.
  • A custom ability and skill system.
  • Items that can perform all sorts of commands!
  • PvP is optional in most areas and forced in some areas.
  • Items in /backpack are protected from anything.
  • You create your frist claim by placing down a chest (when not in SkyBlock)
  • Trade with other players on the auction house (/auction)
  • Buy advanced enchantments for experience (/enchanter)
  • Combine enchantment books for better rates (/alchemist)
  • Destroy enchantment books for crafting mats (/tinker)
  • Ability to create your own portals (/portal info).
  • Mob and animal spawn rates are low so obtainable spawners are more impactful.
  • Support for automated farms that require maintenance (redstone can break).
  • A more realistic hunger and food system.
  • Mobs are a lot stronger in CycleCraft!
  • Unique SkyBlock mechanics (Check the SkyBlock page).
  • Holograms and placeholders for everything.
  • Npcs that support players seeking guidance.
  • Custom itemization and item progression.
  • Custom loot-tables for blocks and mobs.
  • Custom enchantments.
  • Custom crafting systems.
  • Custom bosses.


  • Right-click any anvil to open up the repair menu
  • Repair any items with the according material, money or XP!


  • Obtain money by selling fish, minerals, or trading with other players
  • Obtain tokens by slaying monsters, mining or trading with other players
  • Experience is obtained the vanilla way, but all the rates are refined!

Convert your currency into tradable items:

  • /Withdraw <amount> (Withdraws money)
  • /Token Withdraw <amount> (Withdraws tokens)
  • /XpBottle <amount> (Withdraws exp)
  • /Ah (Trade anything on the Auction House)

Customized Fishing

  • A chance to do a critical cast!
  • Tons of fish typs are added to the game.
  • Fish have rarities, that sell for different amounts.
  • AFK-Challenges, after 5 afk casts you will attract a monster!
  • /uf sell (opens up the fish sell menu)


  • /spawn (Teleport to the main survival hub)
  • /home set <name> (Create a home)
  • /warp set <name> (Create a warp with)
  • /home <name> (Teleport to your homes)
  • /warp <name> (Teleport to your warps)
  • Each player can create up to 5 homes and 3 warps
  • And you can purchase more slots in the token shop!

Under Construction

  • Dungeons. (vanilla world of warcraft inspired)
  • Mythic Islands. (huge island zones with odds to spawn rare animals and monsters/bosses where PvP is forced, expect a real challenge!)
  • More custom monsters.
  • Island perks.
  • Quests.
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